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North Carolina For Sale By Owner

Ashe County Homes Listed in the local MLS


List your home in the MLS without paying a 6% real estate commission.

PLUS get full exposure on hundreds of national websites that display MLS listings, including,,,,,,, and hundreds more.

For Sale By Owner Homes MLS Listings are the best choice

It's the best of both worlds! You get the tremendous exposure of being listed on MLS in North Carolina and hundreds of websites, but with all the control and savings of selling "For Sale By Owner".

More and more For Sale By Owner home sellers in North Carolina are learning about this method of getting listed in MLS and are saving thousands of dollars in commissions.

The internet is changing how homes are marketed and sold in North Carolina, and For Sale By Owner home sellers are gaining the upper hand!
For Sale By Owner Homes Listing Savings

Here's the simple math of when you list your North Carolina For Sale By Owner home through us versus a 6% agent. Let's assume your house sells for $500,000. Here are the 3 possibilities:

  • If you listed with a 6% listing broker, you would pay a $30,000 commission, even if the agent didn't do anything and you sold the house yourself.
  • If you listed with us, and an agent brought you a buyer, you would pay our listing fee plus the commission to that agent only. Assuming our listing fee of $349, and that you decided on 3% to the buyer's agent, you pay $349 plus $15,000. Your total savings is $14,651.
  • If you listed with us and the buyer doesn't have an agent, you only pay our listing fee, and zero commission. Total savings is $29,651!

Only pay a 2% to 3% commission if buyers agent brings you a buyer. Pay NO commission at all if you sell to a buyer without an agent!

For Sale By Owner Homes Listings – Why we are the best!
  1. We are one of the first For Sale By Owner Home Listing companies providing this service, so you can have a secure feeling that we won't disappear during the term of your listing. Since we started in 2000, many others have come and gone.
  2. We are easy to reach by phone. Most online companies don't take phone calls and you can only reach them by email. It can be very frustrating when you have a problem and you can't to talk to anyone.
  3. 99.99% customer satisfaction rate!
  4. NO HIDDEN FEES - We let you know what's included before you sign up so there are no surprises.
  5. Best broker network. Most of our brokers have been handling For Sale By Owner home listings for us for many years, and strive to provide excellent customer service. We guarantee that if you don't like the broker we assign to your listing, we'll assign you another one. (It is extremely rare that anyone ever asks for a different broker.)
  6. You get a FREE webpage hosted on our website to help you promote your listing. Click Here for Details
The following FREE & OPTIONAL items are available. Optional items are paid for directly to MLS Listing Real Estate Broker.
  • INCLUDED: 6 month listing in your local MLS. Cancel any time.
  • INCLUDED: Listing will appear on plus hundreds of other websites
  • INCLUDED: FREE webpage / property listing hosted on this website. Click Here for Details
  • INCLUDED: FREE Professional Realtor yard sign
  • INCLUDED: 4 photos in the MLS & 4 photos in
  • INCLUDED: Status changes and price adjustments
  • INCLUDED: All buyer inquiries are referred to you without additional fees or commissions
  • INCLUDED: Licensed Broker support throughout the process
  • OPTIONAL: Additional photos in MLS: $15 per photo
  • OPTIONAL: Upgrade to 1 year listing term: $150
  • OPTIONAL: Showcase listing on $199
  • OPTIONAL: Upgrade to Full broker representation with negotiations, contracts, documentation, and closing: $500

 or call 800-477-7771 to place your order by phone

Once payment is made, forms and instructions will be emailed to you. Please complete forms and return ASAP and then your property will be listed in the MLS &®, plus hundreds of additional websites.

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